10 best Security tips

10 Best Security tips to be safe online?

Why There is it important to be safe online? Some security tips to be safe while online.

You know what in today’s world, as there are some good people around us, there are some bad people also around us. They are waiting for a loophole in your security or maybe a mistake while doing online shopping, browsing, etc. And Your safety is in your hand.

Let me tell you about the bad ones:

While we are on the internet, that means we are connected to the huge web of this internet. Some basics ( How we connect to the internet ) : 

  • 1st: You are connected to your ISP providers (Airtel, JIO, Idea) or Wifi.
  • 2nd: That wifi is connected to a broadband network or a bunch of networks, and your ISP provider has its specific towers to allow their services to work on.
  • 3rd: Now the broadband is connected to other networks and now you are connected to a bunch of networks and when you searched your query or something that will go through millions of networks and then go to the required server, which replies to your query. 

In between these networks, there are thousands of millions of networks are connected with each other. And the bad ones are maybe there in any part of your query travel network. They actually know about almost everything about the internet but they are using that knowledge for bad purposes. They are known as Black Hat Hackers.

And as you know that if there is something bad there is also good. So there are thousands of protocols (IPTCP-IPFTPHTTP, etc.) are invented to make the right way to work everyone correctly on the internet. There are security events, which should be organized correctly on your phone or on your laptop, PC. And you should know them very well.


#1 While Browsing on the Internet ( prefer always chrome ):

  • Always use a good browser, means who claim that your security matters, not the fake ones or the other ones. Some good browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla FirefoxSafari, etc. See the ratings and the privacy policy of the browser. ✅
  • And now when you are done with choosing your browser see the settings and the permissions, better to have the camera, microphone, and some settings set to “ASK before accessing” and also not allow some settings according to your preference to allow or not allow. Always allow safe browsing. Lastly popups, you need some of the time but better to make those popups blocked. ✅
chorme settings best security tips
safe browsing
pop - ups
  • Now while browsing you will see one lock that will appear in the URL bar that says that you are secure while browsing this site and you are safe from a phishing attack. Always look for that lock that is a validation certificate while net banking, online purchase anything verifies that website first, that it is the verified website that I am looking for. ✅
Spoofed website
original website
  • Never log in with the same password everywhere on the internet, and the password must be of 8 characters and with a jumbled form of different special characters uppercase, lowercase, etc. example – if I use my name as a password then am I use this ” Indranil” ❌ no a big no ( A dictionary attack or a Brute Force Attack can identify my password in few hours ). If I use this “iN#[email protected] ✅ . this would be a strong one and hard to crack by anyone. Never connect to public wifi while login or net banking etc. 
  • Never save your debit card or credit card data on unknown websites, my suggestion not to save on any website. 

#2 security tips While Downloading files from the internet and managing them:

let me tell you first that on the internet there are several kinds of meta spoilt and malwares like –viruseswormsbotnetsspywaretrojan horselogic bombsrootkits, etc. These are all enough to control your PC, mobile, or laptop. But one drawback of all these, is all of them are need to be in your device, that’s a good for us, means in our hand it is that we allow them or not? They are in a downloadable format, sometimes nothing but a 1kb or 2kb file in any format. 

  • While downloading files from the internet always make sure the site is legit and you are in safe browsing mode, never download files from the unknown sources. never click on a link sent by anyone unknown without verify that link. There is one website called Virustotal you can go there and paste the link or you can check any file also.
  • Check the Spam Emails from unknown persons or maybe in the name of a big company. Never click or download any extension from that email never.
Spam Email
  • Always use the App StorePlay Store or Microsoft Store to download apps in your device. This is a good habit of using apps.
  • Okay after downloading the apps, some apps are asking permissions to acquire some of your hardware, like permission to access the camera, the microphone, etc. Give them permission wisely, if they really need to give them otherwise not.

#3 security tips While using these Apps:

  • While using the video calling apps and chatting make sure that they are end to end encrypted ( No one in between the sender and the receiver will allow seeing those messages or that call ). Google Duo video calls are end to end encrypted. Whatsapp messages are end to end encrypted. here is the privacy policy of Google and WhatsApp.
end to end encryption
end to end encryption
  • Never share your personal information like ( OTP, atm pin, or other personal things ), to an unknown person in a message or call.

#4 security tips While using your device:

  • While using your phone make sure that it is protected with a password, or a pattern or any biometrics. Never leave unlock your phone or device in public. 

Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay 

  • If you wish to lock individual apps then don’t forget to lock the browser or chrome also because from there anyone can access your files.
file access
  • If you are using a laptop then make sure the hard drive or SSD is encrypted that’s why it is hard to access it ( There is File Vault for Mac Os and Bitlocker for Windows Os). Also, make sure that the firewall is on.
file vault

#5 Truth of the Antivirus Softwares:

These Softwares are only for a short term purpose, The virus database is making every day a new virus, or malware. Antivirus is not enough to protect you, some of them are just scanning your device and using your battery power more to make it slow. Not all antivirus is bad but yes some of them are for some purposes.


No safety is there to protect you from the bad ones at 100%, there will be something still, mistakes that the bad ones will figure it out and make their job done, As nothing is impossible. But these are the same fundamentals security tips that make you safe while you are on the internet.


I hope you understand and make those changes to your settings, and Your Why is WHY. Be Safe while you are online, Your fundamental safety is in your hand, use these security tips and share to others also.

Please Share if You like and think this is important to know by everyone. Thank you for Reading. Check out other technology-related posts also

– by Indranil Bhuin

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