5 Unique Websites part 2 AnotherWhy

5 unique websites [2]

This time AnotherWhy back with another 5 unique websites. Unique in the way their creators have made them. Check part 1 of this unique website series This time according to InternetLiveStats, there are 1,831,680,588 websites ( at the time I am writing this blog ) around the world it keeps increasing every second. So these are 5 unique websites [2].

1. Pointer Pointer

5 unique websites [2] AnotherWhy
Image Credit: pointerpointer.com

Language / Framework: Bootstrap Framework, Head JS, jQuery 1.4.4, stats JS

Created by: Luna Maurer

Pointer Pointer is a fun experimental website, When you open it it will tell you to point your cursor anywhere on the screen and then the website will generate an image where magically someone will point their finger towards your cursor. It is really a fun website and a unique concept too though there are no functional or practical benefits this is just for fun. ( The funny one in the 5 unique websites series )

2. The Internet Map

5 unique websites [2] AnotherWhy
Image Credit: internet-map.net

Language / Framework: ASP.NET 4.0.30319, jQuery 1.7.2, jQuery UI 1.8, Underscore JS

Created by: –

There are millions of websites on the internet. This website comprises some of them and makes a universe of websites in form of bubbles, It is interesting to see a lot of websites in the same place. And the size of the bubble differs with the visitors of the website, and you can go to any of the websites by clicking on the particular bubble. This is also a unique concept. Imagine someone is thinking that what if I represent the websites as a universe and made an experimental website. How cool that thought is? I found it very interesting so I included it in the 5 unique websites series.

3. FireEye Cyber Threat Map

5 unique websites [2] AnotherWhy
Image Credit: FireEye

Language / Framework: Java, Lo-dash, Modernizr, jQuery 1.10.2, Async

Created by: FireEye

We all know that nowadays Privacy is just a myth. And this website is about that and created by World’s biggest cybersecurity company FireEye ( SolarWinds hack | Biggest Cyber Attack | FireEye Breach ). So FireEye Cyber Threat Map shows you the live simulation of cyber-attacks from different parts of the world, it includes Phishing attacks, DDOS attacks, Trojan attacks, etc. Today 600k attacks already noticed by this threat map. This is a bit scary but it is happening every second and if there is the Internet then there will be cyber attacks, as they are two sides of the same coin. ( The scary one in the 5 unique websites series )

4. Zoomquilt

5 unique websites [2] AnotherWhy
Image Credit: Zoomquilt

Language / Framework: jQuery 1.9.1

Created by: Nikolaus Baumgarten

It is a weird/interesting website. When you open the website it will load an image and it started zooming by own, and it is a never-ending image it goes on the zooming. There is not one picture there are lots of others merged to create an illusion. This is a unique mysterious website based on jQuery. It definitely a unique one in 5 unique websites series.

5. Ancient Earth Globe

Image Credit: dinosaurpicture.org

Language / Framework: Node.js, Express js, Three js

Created by: Ian Webster

Ancient Earth Globe is a website where you can see the world map from various era’s or how the earth looked like millions of years before. From the first green algae to Dinosaur extension every era is there and you can jump between them to compare. You can observe, how the tectonic plates were before? and how they came together to form today’s World map? everything is simulated on Ancient Earth Globe. So I included this into 5 unique websites [2].


Internet is vast and every second there is a website live on the internet I want to cover some unique websites among them in terms of their functionality, thoughts behind that, etc. This is a series and this is the second 5 Unique Websites in this series. Thanks for Reading.

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