5 Unique Websites part 3 AnotherWhy

5 unique websites [3]

This time AnotherWhy back with another 5 unique websites. Unique in the way their creators have made them. Check parts 1, 2 of this unique website series This time according to InternetLiveStats, there are 1,834,903,367 websites ( at the time I am writing this blog ) around the world it keeps increasing every second. So these are 5 unique websites [3].

1. The Useless Web

5 unique websites [3] AnotherWhy
Image Credit: The Useless Web

Language / Framework: –

Created by: Tim Holman

The Useless Web is the website of websites, what I mean is there is a button “Please” in The Useless Web if you click that that will redirect you to another website that has no point but they are also unique in nature. I came across, rrrgggbbb.com, movenowthinklater.com, etc. I mean there is no point in these websites but you will like them if you are bored. I liked it and found it unique so I included it in 5 unique websites part 3.

2. 30 Species in 30 Pieces

5 unique websites [3] AnotherWhy
Image Credit: 30 Species in 30 pieces

Language / Framework: Modernizr, SoundManager, jQuery 1.8.2, Platform JS

Created by: Bryan James

There are millions of species in the world, some of them are discovered some of them are not discovered yet. This website will tell you the 30 species right now, those are endangered and only in few numbers. WALLACE’S BIRDWING, SOMALI OSTRICH, MALAYAN TAPIR, DIADEMED SIFAKA, and many more. The unique part is the UI design, there are small triangular colorful pieces and every creature is made up with the animation of those pieces, there is a background sound also which is just cherry on the cake. Not only that you will find out the reason how they are categorized into endangered species. Do check out, this is an amazing website. ( most unique one in 5 unique websites [3] )

3. Blacknegative

5 unique websites [3] AnotherWhy
Image Credit: Blacknegative

Language / Framework: Modernizr, jQuery 1.11.1, PHP 7.2.21

Created by: Dilshan Arukatti & Sylvain Tran

The Black Negative is a unique UI experience for anyone, this website will fascinate web developers to learn more about web development. The design is fascinating there is an excellent use of fonts, creative navigation, fantastic video, and photographic material. There are a lot of things on this website but how they were put together, how they are organized in a creative manner, is important. The website is a masterpiece for me and it’s not like a regular website to experience, do check out. ( masterpiece in 5 unique websites [3] )

4. Outrider

5 unique websites [3] AnotherWhy
Image Credit: Outrider

Language / Framework: Dojo, React, embed JS

Created by: Outrider team

This is an interesting website as a whole, but I am interested particularly in this URL of Outrider.org. Actually, this is a team of experts and scientists who made Outrider.org. It provides information about how we can build a brighter future together. So in this URL, you enter where you live, then you select the nuclear bomb you want to blast, and then this website will show you a simulation of how much damage the bomb can cause. I have entered my college’s location and the Tsar Bomb destroyed the 8289.25 km2 area around my college. ( interesting one in 5 unique websites [3] )

5. Sotu 2.1

5 unique websites [3] AnotherWhy
Image Credit: Sotu 2.1

Language / Framework: –

Created by: Cary Huang & Michael Huang

There are lots of things present in this world beyond the world, which has different shapes, sizes, this website simply put all of them together. You can see how much the plank length is in comparison with a universe. there is a slider by which you can do that. The things that are known to us, almost everything is displayed here and this is a nice unique website, do check out.


Internet is vast and every second there is a website live on the internet I want to cover some unique websites among them in terms of their functionality, thoughts behind that, etc. This is a series and this is the third 5 Unique Websites in this series. Thanks for Reading.

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