5 unique websites [4] - Developers Portfolios Anotherwhy

5 unique websites [4] – Developers Portfolios

This time AnotherWhy back with another 5 unique personal websites of some web developers. Unique in the way their creators have made them. Check parts 1, 2, 3 of this unique website series This time, according to InternetLiveStats, there are 1,910,076,040 websites ( at the time I am writing this blog ) around the world it keeps increasing every second. So these are the 5 unique websites [4] – Developers Portfolios edition.

1. Kuon Yagi

5 unique websites [4] - Developers Portfolios Kuon Yagi
Image Credit: kuon.space

Language / Framework: jQuery 3.3.1, Page JS, jQuery, Parallax JS

Created by: Kuon Yagi

Kuon Yagi, a Japanese developer, the website is full with the famous Jquery and parallax effects. Still almost a basic necessity for many front-end developers, jQuery is intended to simplify HTML DOM tree traversal and manipulation. The website has a dark contrast theme having a lot of things going on behind all the cool texts. I have never seen parallax effects at this level. Holds “the Parallax expert” tag in this series: 5 unique websites [4] – Developers Portfolios.

2. Albino Tonnina

5 unique websites [4] - Developers Portfolios Albino Tonnia
Image Credit: albinotonnia.com

Language / Framework: Modernizr, SoundManager, jQuery 1.8.2, Platform JS

Created by: Albino Tonnina

I have seen thousands of websites, but the way Albino described his story, the storytelling part, is just like a movie going on when I was scrolling down. Every minute detail is worth praising. This is just a one-page website by this Italian Web Developer. The website has everything, like aerial view animation on a scroll, Fixed Navigation Flat Design, Full-width Layout Icons Illustrations Infographics, Long Scrolling Moving Elements, Parallax Scrolling, PreLoader, and Skrollr.js with smooth scroll. Holds “the Storytelling expert” tag in this series: 5 unique websites [4] – Developers Portfolios.

3. Bruno Simon

5 unique websites [4] - Developers Portfolios Bruno simon
Image Credit: bruno-simon.com

Language / Framework: Modernizr, jQuery 1.11.1, PHP 7.2.21

Created by: Bruno Simon

Bruno Simon is a wonderful french web developer, I bet you, you will be amazed to see this website, as I was, this is the next level of designing, plotting, thinking, web developing skills. Basically a playable CV of Bruno Simon, where you can use your arrow keys to move the car around the whole website, which is describing all the projects, he has done, his skills, everything. The background the sound effects, the controls, It is like a mini-game, your mind will be blown after visiting this website. Holds “the Creative head” tag in this series: 5 unique websites [4] – Developers Portfolios.

4. Robby Leonardi

5 unique websites [4] - Developers Portfolios Robby Leonardi
Image Credit: rleonardi.com

Language / Framework: jQuery 3.3.1, jQuery UI 1.12.1, DEVICE JS

Created by: Robby Leonardi

Hope you have played Mario, if not then for sure you are familiar with this game. This is a CV of this very talented web developer named Robby Leonardi. This is a website with very cute designs, that make it cool. When you will be launching the website the game will start, with his journey, like all his skills in a Mario style, you can keep moving with the arrow keys. He described his work experiences like levels he has passed in his life. Do check and experience a masterpiece. Holds “the Mario fan” tag in this series: 5 unique websites [4] – Developers Portfolios.

5. Robin Mastromarino

5 unique websites [4] - Developers Portfolios Robin Mastromarino
Image Credit: robinmastromarino.com

Language / Framework: TweenMax

Created by: Robin Mastromarino & Patrick Heng

This is also a portfolio website of Robin Mastromarino, he is a Parisian interactive designer. Almost every portion of the entire site was created in WebGL with the help of the three.js for all the animations transitions and the watery effect all around the site. The site has portrayed an amazing work using GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP), a great library for web animations. All in all many days of hard work and experience can only help to build this kind of website. Holds “the dramatic space” tag in this series: 5 unique websites [4] – Developers Portfolios.


Internet is vast and every second there is a website live on the internet I want to cover some unique websites among them in terms of their functionality, thoughts behind that, etc. This is a special web developer series and this is the fourth 5 Unique Websites in this series. Thanks for Reading.

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