Are we in a computer simulation? AnotherWhy

Are we in a computer simulation?

We are human beings and according to our far most knowledge, we think that we are the intelligent species on the Earth. You noticed that we are telling “on the Earth“, maybe there are more “Earths”, maybe other planets, maybe more intelligent species, technically advanced than us? This type of more question, brings me to this question that, Are we in a computer simulation?

What is Simulation?

According to Wikipedia “A simulation is an approximate imitation of the operation of a process or system that represents its operation over time.” Simply when we replicate a test, or process of anything in a controlled environment is called Simulation. And when we try to replicate the same test or process in a virtual environment using software, & hardware is called Computer Simulation. Why use Simulation? probably this saves a lot of money or time or resources because we are making it in a virtual environment which tends to the real.

For example, there is a product made by a company, and they want to know how that product will work in a different environment, before testing or making that product, the company made a replica or design using software and pass that through different runtime environment, so this a Simulation.

Another example, in Play Store or App Store there are lots of games like Flight Simulator, Truck Simulator, Teacher Simulator, etc, which gives one near to similar experience about that particular thing using simulators. So this is another Computer Simulation.

Are we in a computer simulation?

Are we in a computer simulation? AnotherWhy

Earlier when computers are discovered they are capable to do a few things despite their size, but now they are advanced even so much that it can replace a human being yes you heard it correct, and even more in the future. My point is the computational power has increased too much and just imagine in the future when this power will increase more than today then it is possible to create machines, who can think on their own, “free will”. Even we may build characters and a world inside a computer, we may simulate a world, right? it is possible with huge computational power.

What if that computer simulation is going on right now, someone has created this world, or maybe not, I mean who knows. What we are seeing is not the actual reality I have explained it in a previous blog [ Why our brain creates realities & not showing the actual reality? ] that our brain creates our reality. Are we in a computer simulation? Maybe the answer according to my reality is “yes”, maybe by your imagination it is “no”.

Are we in a computer simulation? AnotherWhy
The Book written by Rizwan Virk

According to the Simulation Hypothesis “If a civilization, a post-human civilization were to become significantly technologically advanced then we would most likely be simulated.” Reality is probably not as it seems. Maybe we are creations, not creators, it’s just we think that we have created a computer. So Are we in a computer simulation?

Why you will ask yourself? – Are we in a computer simulation?

Are we in a computer simulation? AnotherWhy

Because nothing is impossible, if you are reading this blog then definitely your ancestors belonged to any of the 7 Homo species most likely belongs to Homo neanderthalensis because they survived the “Survival of the fittest test”. Yes, 5G is a myth in 1950, but now only in 2020, 221 million 5G units were sold. Anything can possible now it’s up to you how you will think? and what you will think?

What if we are in a simulation?

Nothing. Just think that maybe it is happening, and how much technology can advance. 🙂

The Simulation Argument

Are we in a computer simulation? AnotherWhy

I have no authority to comment on this topic, I have just read in-depth about this topic and try to understand the possibilities of this question “Are we in a computer simulation?” so please take everything I say with a grain of salt. If the scientific assumptions of the physics we know are correct then Simulation is nearly impossible because even to make a “pen” we need millions of atoms, quarks, and just think about the amount of material we know out there in this universe and the think how much computational power we need to simulate the universe we know. That computer might not exist or might exist we don’t know that.

Swedish Philosopher Nick Bostrom thinks that we are likely to be in a simulation and many of the scientists think the same. There is a concept called finite computing power with that this computer simulation of our world is impossible. But our assumptions are our limitations, you don’t expect to think what you can think without limitation.

Elon Musk once said “Either we’re going to create simulations that are indistinguishable from reality, or civilization will cease to exist. Those are two options.”


I think if technology keeps on improving and human advance it more and more and also if we will not extinct, then maybe one day we are capable of creating a simulated universe and will find out the creators of us. Now someone may be thinking what is “God” then, my friend they are beliefs of our pretended universe, and we accept them ( This itself a belief of mine ). No one can say what is true or what is fake literally no one. So there will be three possibilities of this question “Are we in a computer simulation?” Yes, we are, No we are not, Maybe we. Thanks for Reading.

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