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The year 2021 has brought a lot of unexpected experiences for all of us. We have witnessed achievements after failures, we have seen light after dark and we have opportunities ahead after times of uncertainty. As the old saying goes, “All’s well that ends well”. So let us try to end this year on an optimistic note and relish our happy memories. Since our lives are so intermingled with social media and cyber platforms, here is a quick recap for you of the Google Play Best of 2021 Awards or the Best Apps of 2021.

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    CLUBHOUSE: Users’ Choice App of 2021

    Clubhouse, is a social media application that facilitates audio call rooms with a capacity of 1000+ users. It is quite popular in the young generation owing to its fascinating one-of-a-kind features. One can use the application for meeting new people and building a community of like-minded folks, by interacting with them via online calls. It went available for android users in May 2021, before which only iOS users could use its services. This move further increased its reach and spread the word of mouth among the masses. ( Best Apps of 2021 )

    Best Applications for Fun

    The popular applications for spending leisure time were Clubhouse, Frontrow, and Hotstep in 2021. These apps are fun to use and great for pastimes. The highlighting features of the Clubhouse app are discussed in the previous section.

    Frontrow is a mobile-based application for people who have a liking for different creative activities. It provides sessions with the best people in that field for its users. For example, Neha Kakkar gives singing lessons, Biswa teaches comedy and Suresh Raina teaches batting.

    Next, Hotstep is an interesting online platform for all the fitness geeks out there and talented dancers. It provides free video tutorials, plus has a premium subscription policy. Live sessions from famous artists could also be viewed here.

    Best Hidden Gems

    1. Jumping Minds describes itself as “People’s go-to Feel Better platform”. It is a virtual place to interact with your peers and discuss relevant topics. It is a great means to keep oneself mentally healthy.
    2. FWD is an online learning platform where you can gain Leadership, Product, and Marketing Skills with a lot many others. It is a great place to learn professional skills.
    3. Moonbeam is the right app if you are a fan of listening to podcasts; it gives you all the suitable recommendations. It is also helpful if you are intending to start you own podcast.

    ( Best Apps of 2021 )

    Best Everyday Essentials

    1. Guardians from Truecaller is an insanely helpful app to ensure that you and the people you care for, are safe. One can make other users “Guardians” on it, and they can get the person’s live location, privately.
    2. Sarva application is the best fit for Yoga enthusiasts and everyone who wishes to enter the world of Yoga. It can provide you with assistance for Yoga to meditate, to exercise, and to have a better lifestyle.
    3. Sortizy or the Kitchen Manager is a beneficial app to plan your meals, cook from best recipes and maintain your grocery. It also gives amazing suggestions and commendations based on your ingredients.

    ( Best Apps of 2021 )

    Best for personal growth

    1. Bitclass is gives exposure to an interesting virtual class where one can learn about diverse topics at one place. It has interactive classes, with global community and expert tutors from different fields.
    2. EMBIBE, as the name suggests, is a learning application with content for a student from Grade 6 to competitive exams, plus government ones. It provides free modules for different subjects.
    3. Evolve is the ideal app for personal growth, reached with fun and joy. It helps one in staying mentally healthy. It offers different tools and courses for the same, too.

    ( Best Apps of 2021 )

    Best Apps for keeping Good

    1. Being is the app which answers your “how to be” question in any and every situation of your life. It helps one create a design code to overcome the obstacles and conquering your goals.
    2. Evergreen Club is the health app for elder adults. It doesn’t only concentrate on physical, but also mental health of adults, which needs to be addressed in today’s times. It conducts exciting events and exercises too.
    3. Speechify is simply a text reader. It is a very useful app. It can read from any source that is available on your phone-email, books, document, files etc. it reads the text out aloud in your phone speakers.

    ( Best Apps of 2021 )

    Best Apps for wear OS

    1. Calm is an app that is absolutely reflected by its name. It helps you meditate, sleep and relax. It does this using different activities like music, stories, masterclass etc. to keep its users engaged.
    2. MyFitnessPal provides credible food-related info with its exclusive and rich database. It gives its users accurate information about nutrition and numerous queries linked with food.
    3. Sleep Cycle keeps the record of your sleeping cycle. It is your personalized sleep tracker which helps you have a good and healthy sleep with appropriate number of sleeping hours.

    ( Best Apps of 2021 )

    Best Apps for Tablets

    1. Canva is a free editing app which helps you design a number of things, creatively. It is best for both formal and informal purpose templates for designing video, photo, presentation, gif, sticker, logo etc.
    2. Concepts is the place to land if you want to think, plan out and create new ideas effectively and efficiently. Its appealing features attract its users and the user-friendly interface adds to it.
    3. Houzz is an application for designing your house at a single destination. Its expert design and advising team guides you with utmost precision, with their professional experience.

    ( Best Apps of 2021 )

    The new years are not remembered for the end but a new beginning. May all of you have a great closure of this year and an even greater beginning for the next year! Keep enjoying these helpful tech apps. Do check out Best Apps of 2021 | Appstore edition. Thanks for Reading.

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