CES 2021 day 1 | Samsung, LG, TCL, Lenovo, HP, Sony & sure many more

CES 2021 day 1 | Samsung, LG, TCL, Lenovo, HP, Sony & sure many more

Despite the pandemic CES 2021 is happening, it started yesterday. This year CES 2021 is fully virtual, and all the companies will be making announcements, major launches, etc. This is all announcements as of 11th January 2021. CES 2021 day 1

Samsung @ CES 2021 day 1

CES 2021 day 1 | Samsung, LG, TCL, Lenovo, HP, Sony & many more
Image Credit: Samsung

Samsung is the biggest sensation at the CES 2021 event. Samsung already announced an all-new TV lineup Neo LED, Micro LED TVs on their own event “The First Look 2021” which is already done on 6th January. In the press conference on the first day of CES 2021, Samsung unveiled a range of products tagged as “The New Normal”

  • Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2: The previous version of the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is not a successor at all. But this time Samsung really have done a good job with its Chromebook series. The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 comes with a 4K display with QLED technology. It comes with two processors, Intel Celeron 5205U & Intel Core i3.
  • 110-inch Micro LED TV: Samsung already launched a range of TVs on 6th January but during yesterday’s press conference Samsung came up with a 110-inch 4Vue Micro LED TV with all the other features like Samsung TV Plus, Stereo speakers, Self-lit inorganic LED, etc.
  • Samsung Bespoke: Samsung Bespoke is a new generation of refrigerators by Samsung. It is a fully customizable 4-door model that you can customize in accordance with your kitchen interiors.
  • JetBot 90 AI+, Samsung Bot Care, Samsung Bot Handy: JetBot 90 AI+, a vacuum cleaner that uses object recognition technology, LiDAR, 3D sensors to clean your home smartly. Samsung Bot Care, An AI robotic assistant that helps you to take care of the details in your life. Samsung Bot Handy, a robot that recognizes and pick up objects of varying sizes, shapes, and weights, also a companion to help you with your daily tasks.

LG @ CES 2021 day 1

CES 2021 day 1 | Samsung, LG, TCL, Lenovo, HP, Sony & many more
Image Credit: LG

On the 11th of January 2021, LG held its virtual press conference at 6:30 PM IST. We all know as like Samsung & Sony LG is also known for its displays. In the CES 2021 event, LG announced next-generation EVO OLED technology, LG Gram laptops, the most exciting LG Rollable phone, Bendable OLED Displays & many more.

  • LG Rollable phone: At the start & the end of LG’s press conference, LG showed/teased the LG rollable phone. The device is being held in landscape orientation and with a motorized mechanism, we can clearly see the top of the screen retracting back into a normal smartphone. Actually, the screen expanded to use as a tablet & retracts to use as a normal smartphone.
  • LG Gram 2021 Laptops: The all-new lightest laptop series is here. LG has unveiled five new LG Gram 2021 laptops. One LG Gram laptop has a 17-inch display, two has a 16inch display, and rest two has a 14-inch display. One of the LG Gram is a 2-in-1 model. All laptops are powered by Intel 11th gen Tigerlake CPUs.
  • LG Bendable OLED Display: LG Bendable OLED Display is 48-inch and bendable to a 1000R radius. this bendable panel is flicker-free, boasts virtually instantaneous response times, and supports variable refresh rates up to 120Hz. You will be amazed but this display is just 0.02 inches thick.
  • LG Side-by-Side Refrigerator: In the CES 2021 LG introduced their Side-by-Side Refrigerator, which has a Instaview display, that can be used to see inside of the refrigerator from the outside, the internals are made up of stainless steel & it has the LG’s Craft Ice feature in it which is really aesthethic.

Lenovo @ CES 2021 day 1

CES 2021 day 1 | Samsung, LG, TCL, Lenovo, HP, Sony & many more
Image Credit: Lenovo

Lenovo introduced three laptops in their IdeaPad series. IdeaPad 5i Pro, IdeaPad 5 Pro & IdeaPad 5G. Among these IdeaPad 5G is very interesting, it will support sub-6 GHz networks.

AreasLenovo IdeaPad 5GLenovo IdeaPad 5i ProLenovo IdeaPad 5 Pro
CPUSnapdragon 8cx 5G SoC11th Gen
Intel Core i7 Processor
AMD Ryzen H-Series
GPUAdreno 680Nvidia MX450Nvidia MX450 @ 14 / Nvidia GeForce RTX @ 16
Display1920 x 10801920 x 1080 ( 14-inch / 16-inch )1920 x 1080 ( 14-inch / 16-inch )
RAMup to 8GBup to 16GBup to 32GB
Storage512GB PCIe SSDup to 1TB PCIe SSDup to 1TB PCIe SSD

HP @ CES 2021 day 1

CES 2021 day 1 | Samsung, LG, TCL, Lenovo, HP, Sony & many more
Image Credit: HP

During the press conference of CES 2021 HP announces HP Envy 14, HP Elite Dragonfly, HP Elite Dragonfly Max, and many more laptops, HP has shown us enormous innovation at the CES 2021 launch event. HP also announces a 2-in-1 tablet HP Elite Folio.

AreasHP Elite DragonflyHP Elite Dragonfly MaxHP Envy 14
CPU11th Gen
Intel Core Processor
11th Gen
Intel Core Processor
11th Gen
Intel Core Processor
GPUNvidia GeForce GTX 1650Ti

Audio Devices @ CES 2021 day 1

There will be always interesting audio products in CES 2021. This is also no different.

  • Sennheiser: Sennheiser HD 250BT, an on-ear wireless headphone announced with 25-hour of battery life. It is only for the US.
  • JBL: JBL has announced Tour One over-the-ear wireless headphones with up to 25 hours of playback time, the Tour Pro Plus wireless earbuds, JBL Charge 5 wireless Bluetooth speaker with IP67 dust and water-resistant rating, and also the JBL Bar 5.0 MultiBeam soundbar with Virtual Dolby Atmos support. All in all a lots of products by JBL.

Smart Watches @ CES 2021 day 1

4 Smartwatches from different brands were launched at this year’s CES 2021.

  • Fossil LTE Watch: It is a new version of 2019’s Fossil Gen 5, which is 4G enabled. Fossil partnered with Verizon to give the wireless facility of this watch. It will be available worldwide later in 2021.
  • Skagen Jorn Hybrid Watch: Skagen’s new hybrid watch features a power-friendly e-ink display as well as physical watch hands to keep the classic look.
  • Amazfit watches: Huami launched Amazfit GTS 2e and GTR 2e globally, it is a remarkable brand that manufactures Smartwatches


This is just CES 2021 Day 1, A lot of ideas will be expected in the upcoming days. I am waiting for the new product announcements, by other major companies. All in all a great experience. Thanks for Reading.

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