Made in India iPhone 11

iPhone 11 will be Made in India iPhone 11

Several reports from TechCrunch and India’s Minister for Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal, It is confirmed that Apple is manufacturing the iPhone 11 in India. Made in India iPhone 11 is a great move by Apple against China, by which Apple can now reduce its dependence on China.

Made in India iPhone 11

iPhone 11 is the latest model by Apple which is currently their best series till now. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced in February that Apple will launch an updated online storefront in India in the next few months and surely will open stores in the upcoming year.

In its plant near Chennai, will be the assembly line for the new this iPhone 11 line up. It is coming to the news that a few locally India made iPhone 11 units have already shipped to some of their retail stores. and more Made in India iPhone 11 will be available for everyone soon.

Are we should happy?

Made in India iPhone 11

Yes, we should happy but not now, because Apple will not decrease the price right now because there are many old units available till now in the stores, with the old price tag, so we have to wait, I think not more than September. The all-new iPhone 12 lineup will be also introduced in the month of September. At that time I think the price should be decreased.

As they are all made in India so there will be no custom duty charges ( 20% ) from the Made in India iPhone 11 and I think the price should be decreased nearly up to ~ 55000 INR in the MRP and maybe some other discounts. It is a good phone still the iPhone 12 arrives. And many people should go for the old iPhone 11 rather than the iPhone 12, depends upon the price range of both the mobiles.


Apple will expand its plant but there are some local regulatory or law issues. According to Bloomberg Pegatron will set up a local subsidiary in India and begin operations. Foxconn also plans to invest $1 billion in its operations in India.

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