Quantum Field Realisation of this Universe, Lie or Truth

Quantum Field Realisation of this Universe, Lie or Truth

The Quantum Field theory is something that drives me to write this blog. We all know that the things we are seeing in this Universe, or understanding by our normal senses are not the actual reality or understanding, this is just a perception which is developed by our brain. This is not a mysterious thing, Science has its explanation.

A basic realization:

Example: In the 18th Century if the scientists were asked to define the smallest element in this Universe then they would tell you that 118 elements in our periodic table are the building blocks of this Universe, But is it right? I mean try to understand at that time this is the truth we know, we can see, but there are things beyond our realization, right?

Electron Discovery:

After that in 1807, an English scientist J.J.Thomson discovered a negatively charged particle at the atomic level, which is firstly rejected by other scientists and seemed impossible. To prove this he did e Cathode Ray Tube experiment, and a negatively charged particle is discovered named as “electron”.

First Atomic Model:

After that from Thomson’s University, from the University of Cambridge, Ernest Rutherford, discovered more unknown principles, the structure of an atom. He first made an atomic model, After that, we know that a Nucleus is made up of Proton and Neutrons.

All Elementary Particles:

After that in 1970, we again came to know that Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons are not the smallest particle in the Universe. There are three more small particles which are known as Quarks ( UP Quarks and Down Quarks ). And many more elementary particles. One Proton is made up of two Up Quarks and one Down Quarks and one Neutron is made up of two Quarks and one Up Quarks. In this Universe, everything is made of these elementary particles. Now you are thinking that this is the truth right the reality but readers this is not at all true.

Quantum Field:

We read these previous realisation experiments in our academics on such a way we understand the basic clearly but this is not the actual truth, I mean no one knows the actual truth but this is also not that we know superiorly.

The main theory which is acceptable in almost every science realization is Quantum Field Theory. And this theory is based on Fields, their vibrations, their types. There are these fields that we assume as a particle in some conditions. These fields are actually known as Quantum Fields, where quantum changes are happening all the time. The Vacuum we see in the space is not actually space but there are still some vibrations.

We can measure this fluctuation, in many experiments we can prove this thing also. Mathematics is the language of science, and there are scientists who already proved that Fields and Vibrations are the reason for everything happening or existing in this Universe ( TILL NOW ).

The Possible Reality:

We have already known all the atoms in the Periodic table and know their behaviors. The 4 elementary particles which are known as Electron, Neutrino, Up Quark, Down Quark, In Quantum Field theory they are not a particle they are different fields. And vibrations or disturbance in these fields is known as particles. So this is the probable or I can say proved theory where particles are not treated as solid dots they are treated as quantum vibrations in their fields.

There are some other elements or vibrations which we are still unable to understand, like the Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

Fields of Forces :

In this Universe there are 4 fundamental forces we know also, they are Gravitational Force or fields, Electromagnetic Force or Field, Strong and Weak Nuclear Force. We assume how these fields react to our environment and named them again for our understanding in the mode of Particles like:

  • Gravitational Force: Gravitons
  • Strong Nuclear Force: Gluons
  • Weak Nuclear Force: W and Z Bosons

To sum up There are lots of theories and experiments which connect these fields and made our Universe. The main exciting thing is that the 12 fields of Matter and 4 Laws of Nature fileds, have some similarity mathematically. So is it possible that there is only one field and we experiencing this by any other angle or thinking? May be or Maybe not.

There is one theory that is similar to this question which is known as Supersymmetric theory. But as this is just a theory there are limitations there is one Forbes article which makes you realize of that. And there is one Master Theory which binds them all is the famous String Theory. By this theory, we can explain all the probable questions regarding the Universe. If you are curious you can read the thesis by the University of Cambridge


Everything in this Universe is absolute we know already, there are theories, laws, proofs, everything makes us think differently. Nothing is perfect, we are exploring, and maybe in the future, we can see our Universe in any other different view. But till now this the truth we came to know by the help of Science. Hope you are all well, Thanks for reading.

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