The Internet should be free? – A never-ending debate AnotherWhy

The Internet should be free? – A never-ending debate

I want to address each and everything clearly regarding this debate and This blog is all about what is going on out there on the Internet. Let’s talk about, the Internet should be free or not?

What is the Internet?

What is the Internet?, The Internet should be free? - A never-ending debate Internet is free or not?

Now I am not a fool that I will give you the definition of the internet, you already know about that but I will clear some myths. Your mobile data is not the Internet, it allows you to access the internet. And the internet is not a “thing”, it is not located or designed for any specific location. There are millions of servers, Data Centers, in the world ( your data stored there ). ISP providers are just providing you with a limit of bandwidth in terms of electromagnetic waves through cell phone towers. So the internet is not anyone’s property then The Internet should be free?

Internet is free or not?

Here I am not talking about the charges you paid to your ISP, I am talking about when you are browsing through the Internet, the websites you are visiting, or the youtube videos you are viewing, or while typing your queries in your browser, or searching about a product in your favorite eCommerce website, Do you pay for them? The general answer is “no” you are not, except for some websites which gave you content, products in exchange for some money, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, any “plus” or “pro” membership in a website, etc. Again I am asking Internet is free or not?

So basically you are not paying any money while reading this blog right? Some of you will say yes your blog is free. but some of you will say “bhai AdSense on hai paise tho indirectly de hi rahe hai 😁 “

How ads pay the publisher indirectly Internet is free or not?

Let me clarify you are seeing ads and that’s from an advertising company ( Google Ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, etc ) in most cases it is Google Ads. Suppose you see seeing an advertisement on my website. And for this website ( AnotherWhy ) I am the publisher, who allows different companies to show their advertisement. The advertisement agency is paying Google Ads for marketing and Google pays me a percentage of its profit via Adsense. So you are knowingly or unknowingly an asset or potential customer for both Google & the Advertising Company. now the question again arises The Internet should be free? or not ( Internet is free or not? )

Which Meta Data of your’s is public when you visit one website?

When I said Internet the first thing that comes to your mind is Google right? a search engine that dominates 90% of the surface web. According to 2020 data about Google has a database of 4 million users. And everything, website, network provider starts with Google. Google has become a verb now. There is one property owned by google is called Google Analytics. And almost every website owner is using Google Analytics or that kind of tracking services that make you update about how many people visit your website, from which browser, which area, which device everything.

Analytics Data AnotherWhy part of the Internet should be free? - A never-ending debate Internet is free or not?

Suppose you visit a website to read the daily news and that moment a tracker ( Google Analytics ) is accessing your Metadata, not like Facebook but normal things like your IP, you are visiting from which device ( Desktop, Tab or Smartphone ), at what time, which news you read or which product you have watchlisted everything is open & public. Okay, it is in public but what’s the problem. No there is no problem at all but your Metadata is visible to every advertisement network that helps them to give you personalized ads. ( Internet is free or not? )

The advertisement network is good, someone is finding useful things by the ads some publishers get paid, businesses can run properly and the cycle goes on. ( That’s why when you see a TV on Amazon, the rest of the day you will see TV-related ads on every website you visit. The Advertisement agency came to know about your interest your behavior everything ). And it is legal.

The Internet should be free? if not then?

But What if someone does not agree that no this is not right even my simple data is not allowed to go public. Then there is a pricy solution to bypass the Adsense income in order to visit any website you like you have to pay some amount that will help the creator to create more content, otherwise nothing is free except Mr. Beast’s gifts. So the internet is not free and it should not be because then there will be no businesses no quality content etc. What do you think now? The Internet should be free? or not, ( Internet is free or not? )

WhatsApp & Signal debate ( Is it because of this question The Internet should be free? )

This gone too long that I thought I have made a blog about WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. So what it’s point here? So we all know that Facebook bought WhatsApp right? but why? Is there no developer on Facebook that can build a similar app like WhatsApp? Yes, there are a lot even a serious & passionate App developer can make a similar application like WhatsApp, and more likely they can add more features too. So Facebook bought WhatsApp, right? ( Now the debate comes again The Internet should be free? or Internet is free or not? )

Facebook did not buy the WhatsApp, it bought the customers you and me, the largest user base, Facebook bought that. Now assume you are running a business and you make your services free for all, but how long? the bills, the maintenance everything needs money, wherefrom it will come? Some applications or websites work on donations but that also how long it will survive? So Facebook by their new policies indirectly makes us an asset for them and using our MetaData they will earn and the business will be running, simple. So The Internet should be free? ( Internet is free or not? )

Internet is free or not? SIGNAL APP DONATION
Image Credit: Signal

Then what about Signal this is a very good application & privacy is the main concept, and this has a user base of 10 million now. but the problem is the same here this also runs via donations. because it is free, Consider this thing you will never get a thing free for the lifetime that imbalances the ecosystem of the cashflow. It will also become like WhatsApp or something else. ( Internet is free or not? )


Nothing is free in the world except love, kindness, emotions, gifts, etc. And it should not be also. And that works the same for the Internet. Now ask yourself a question The Internet should be free? or not ( Internet is free or not? ) In my opinion, the Internet Should not be free & so it is & will be in the future. Support your creators, it takes effort to make content out of some idea. Thanks For Reading.

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