The science behind Spirit Possession by Anotherwhy

The science behind Spirit Possession

Spirit Possession or God Possession is a very curious topic for me. I don’t know the actual reality but I will try my best to describe with the proofs available.

A True Story:

It is the story when I was 10 years old. My younger brother has some problem, and as usual, to overcome that my family has gone several hospitals, top nursing-homes across India but the medical science had failed, till now there is no sure treatment for that.

I live in WestBengal. There are lots of gods in India, and I think half of them are in WestBengal. And my family has great beliefs on them. So when the medical science had failed they used to go several mandirs, across WestBengal. All of the gods have their own way to please them, there are lots of.

One day in one place near Dubrajpur we have gone in a village and there is a lady who is possessed with a goddess and they used to do some pujas and I remember that the lady was not in herself, she is acting in weird ways and for me, it seemed very scary. Everyone started praying and I am shocked, I have not realized then, I just know that there is the god who protects us.

This is everywhere:

While growing up I became an atheist by heart and believe in what I see, and what I feel, in short in Science. ( No debate in this because this is a never-ending one ). I found that not in our state only or not only in the Hindu religion but also each and every religion has this kind of thing, and still have a great belief in these kinds of thing worldwide because we are human beings.

The science behind spirit possession:

The science behind spirit possession:

# What our brain does: I have made an entire blog about how our brain creates the realities, in terms of how we think, our past experiences, our beliefs, etc. In short the way, we take all the things as our reality is a mixture of our beliefs. One’s childhood thoughts, how we brought up everything registered in our conscious as well as in our subconscious mind.

As we are humans, we like to hear those things, or try to understand the things, which our brain relates somehow to something, which needs less effort to process in our mind. like there if I describe the situation in two ways

  1. The god’s spirit came into the lady’s body to tell us the truth, to give us blessings.
  2. ” The lady must have a great belief into this and this may be any physiological disorder which allowed the lady to act like that “

From both the sentences the first one is looking interesting and thrilling, which is easy to process in our brain because for the second sentence our brain has less information to process or to make a belief.

Is this a Disease?:

According to science, these people have some mild or severe mental disorders. These people are too much into the beliefs of God or something which hallucinates their presence and this is not a joke, this is something very scary. A hallucinated people can imagine the things or beliefs they like or the things they have fear of. Some examples of hallucinations.

Now if a person with this mild or moderate disorders will go to the places from where their beliefs will be more and more strong, the dilutions and hallucinations stored in their mind will be more strong they were got triggered which results to they seemed to be possessed with the good or bad spirits. They have gone to their self-made reality.

In medical science, this kind of phenomenon may be also known as DID or Dissociative Identity Disorder. If a patient is diagnosed with DID he or she may have multiple personalities, which arrives in some emotional conditions. So maybe the lady has DID. And these personalities maybe anyone, maybe someone who does not really exist. And sometimes it was also found that in the transition of personalities, they might not remember what they have done, how they have reacted or etc.

But Physiologically DID was known as a defense mechanism when someone hurts their weak point, or they may have a bad childhood with harsh and cruel emotions.

Effect of Hormones:

There are different types of cases of mental disorders:

Some of them have serious hormonal effects which tend to this disease like Schizophrenia. Where the hormonal imbalances in our mind are the reason. The main two neurotransmitters are Dopamine and Serotonin, who are responsible for every message accepted by our neurons. Imbalances in these hormones can affect the message transmission to our brain which results to major mental disorders.

Some real cases:


I know that science has its limitations, there is 99% of things which are still unknown by science or a mystery. I believe that where there are positive energies there are negative energies also. Spirit Possession, Demonic possession, and their treatments are now like a business in some temples in India. To sum up, I believe in science and my nature, where my family, friends, every one exists this the truth for me. I think the justification I have made all make a serious point that this is good, to believe in customs but not blindly without questioning or thinking with own humanity. Thank you for reading.

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