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What is Euthanasia or “Easy Death” and why or why not Euthanasia is moral?

# What is Euthanasia or “Easy Death”?

Is this death is too easy? The word “euthanasia” comes from the Greek — “EU” meaning “goodly or well” + “Thanatos” meaning “death” So, euthanasia literally means “good death.”

This good death refers to deliberately ending someone’s life, usually to relieve from unbearable suffering. Doctors sometimes have the legal authority to do euthanasia when it is requested by the patient or his or her’s family to make relief from severe suffering.

# Ethics around Euthanasia:

This Euthanasia is a very complicated debate, Basically, one group of people said that in life you or anyone is not supposed to choose your death. This is even compared to Suicide and Murder. 

One group of people said that it is for goodness sake, a person who is in severe pain and no way to cure that person, at that time it is good to choose death instead of living.

# Types of Euthanasia:

There are several types of Euthanasia based on different situations. There is maybe the difference in the terms of Euthanasia, but the motive is the same, letting that person die.

Active Euthanasia:

This type of Euthanasia involves a legal amount of prescribed drug or lethal injection, which ends someone’s life. 

A person knowingly taking some overdose of medication that lets them die and make free from the pain, and sufferings. There are situations when this is prescribed by that person oneself who wants to die.

Passive Euthanasia:

In this type of euthanasia, the person is left with that situation without any medication, and let the person die ownself.

Sometimes there are situations when doctors used to switch off the ventilation, or the oxygen supply, or something that led to death. This is called Passive Euthanasia.

# Is Euthanasia legal:

As this is a very completed topic and this is very hard for someone to decide, there are laws in different countries where active euthanasia is legal, and in some countries passive euthanasia is legal.

Legality of euthanasia, easy death
( By Michael Jester – Sources found at Legality of euthanasiaCC0Link )

Law in Different countries : 

AustraliaPhysician-assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia are illegal in all other Australian states and territories.
BelgiumThe Belgium parliament legalized euthanasia
CanadaVoluntary active euthanasia, called “physician-assisted dying”, is legal
ChileActive euthanasia or assisted suicide is not legal
FinlandActive euthanasia is not legal in Finland. Passive euthanasia, however, is legal
GermanyPassive euthanasia is legal
IndiaPassive euthanasia is legal in India
Latvianot legal in Latvia.
Lithuanianot legal in Lithuania
Mexicoactive euthanasia is illegal
New Zealandvoluntary euthanasia is illegal
NorwayActive euthanasia is not legal in Norway. Passive euthanasia, however, is legal
PhilippinesEuthanasia is illegal in the Philippines
South Korea
SpainActive euthanasia is not legal in Spain. Passive euthanasia, however, is legal
United KingdomActive euthanasia is illegal
United States Active euthanasia is illegal throughout the US.

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In my opinion, this is not a good thing even the patient wants it also because there is a precious life inside that person. The patient or the person who if, aware of all these things and wants his or her family to take relief, he or she ownself wants Euthanasia, but I don’t think after Euthanasia we are able to see that person? 

Feel that I have no words.

Thanks for reading. Check out more about science.

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