WhatsApp new features will be introduced soon, Disappearing messages, WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp has 5 billion users worldwide and it’s been an application that is bloatware free, with no ads, an evergreen mode of communication. WhatsApp is now a Facebook property we all know that and the first when the WhatsApp web is announced, the app is back in the news for a fresh batch of features that provide us secure messaging, calling & video calling experience. These are the WhatsApp new features that will roll in the upcoming days.

1. Search the web feature: WhatsApp new features

As the misinformation is increasing on the internet, mainly fake news is circulated in a broad way by using WhatsApp. So WhatsApp has introduced a new search feature that will allow users to check, with this option one can now check the authenticity of the forwarded message to avoid misinformed, the company announced in a blog post.

This option is already available from 9th August in Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, UK, and US for the latest versions of WhatsApp for Android, iOS.

2. Disappearing or expiring messages: WhatsApp new features

Disappearing or expiring messages: WhatsApp new features
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WABetaInfo is a website that regularly posts updates on WhatsApp’s Beta versions and publishes it on the internet for everyone. The WABetaInfo has found an interesting feature that allows users to send text messages but the messages will disappear after a certain period of time.

Sometimes it happens with us that we forget to delete the messages, though it doesn’t capture much space, it is good to have this feature which helps to protect the privacy I think. WhatsApp will soon introduce the feature in future updates.

3. Multiple Devices Support: WhatsApp new features

Now we can use a single WhatsApp account only in one device, but this feature will be very helpful for those who use multiple device to work on. This feature will let users access WhatsApp on multiple devices such as in smartphones or tablets with a single account.

4. WhatsApp Pay:

Yes, one from India can send and accept payments via WhatsApp. This is feature is already available in India for a limited number of users. WhatsApp Pay, in India after having met the data localization requirements set as per the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) norms.

A WhatsApp spokesperson said that the company is now ready to provide its payment service to users in India. “We understand NPCI is satisfied with WhatsApp’s compliance with RBI’s payment guidelines on data localization. Our team has worked hard to meet these standards over the last year,” the spokesperson said. ICICI Bank is the payment service provider bank for WhatsApp. I think WhatsApp Pay will be the main UPI payment if it rolls out all over India successfully because WhatsApp is the common App in India, everyone use it in daily basics.


The new features are very interesting and will be the very useful for everyone. WhatsApp claiming that all the features will be available to work on soon.

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