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Why Boycott China is not enough?

From 5th May the clash between China & India was started when the Indian Army noticed the Chinese army in the LAC region. Now over 5,000 Chinese troops are in the Galwan river area. So Everywhere in India Boycott China makes a stand against them (protesters thought)

Now all the consequences are showing now how important it is to be “AtmaNirbhar”, in every perspective. Our Indian Government unable to find the reason for the Chinese troops, or maybe we are unable to know from the Government. 

What is going on now:

To support the Indian Government, and the thought of “AtmaNirbhar” makes people believe that they should also do something. As a citizen, we can boycott Chinese products and let their economy decrease. 

And how people are doing this by deleting TikTok, doing campaigns across the country, and so on. These are some news from DNAEconomictimesThe Hindu Business Line

## Is It Easy? The Reality:

Sonam Wangchuk, an engineer turned educational reformer, recently posted a video on youtube regarding #BoycottChina, where he told in a productive way, without increasing hate, we can boycott the Chinese products. He and some other industrialists believe that if in this situation we boycott Chinese products, The Chinese economy will face a big “Downtime”.

The Chinese Army is now based in the 50-60 square km area in the Galwan Valley, And we are talking about deleting Chinese apps, Really?

How much boycott china will affect china?

Yes, India is a huge market for Chinese products, but it is only 3% of China’s exports. If 1.3 Billion Indians are able to fully boycott Chinese products, then also it will be just, a little for China to revive that. 

Yes, it is absolutely right that we are depending on china. India imports goods worth $70 billion from China. But China is also our third-largest export destination if we can boycott they can also boycott Indian goods worth $16.7 billion ( 67% Drug import & 60% electronic imports will be closed permanently ).

Chinese smartphones, China assembled smartphones, Chinese apps:

India’s most successful smartphone brands XiaomiOneplusHuwaeiLenovoHonorOppoRealme, etc, all are Chinese brands. Isn’t all the mobile brands familiar to the phone, you are reading with right now? Okay, you are not using these phones then, I’m sure one of the components will surely be made or assembled in China.

You delete TikTok today, but you will be shocked to know that all our favorite apps are either Chinese or Chinese funded. have a look – 

Indian companiesChinese Investors
BigBasketAlibaba Group, TR Capital
ByjusTencent Holdings
DelhiverySteadview Capital, Tencent Holdings
FlipkartSteadview Capital, Tencent Holdings
Make My TripTencent Holdings, Foxconn
OLASteadview Capital, Tencent Holdings, Sailing Capital Eternal Yield International Ltd
OYODidi Chuxing, China Lodging Group
PAYTMAlibaba Group, SAIF Partners
QuickrSteadview Capital
Policy BazaarSteadview Capital
SnapdealAlibaba Group, FIH Mobile Ltd
SwiggyTencent Holdings, SAIF Partners, Meituan Dianping, Hillhouse Capital
ZomatoAlibaba Group, Shunwei Capital
UdaanTencent Holdings

How many apps you will delete? 

China, funded Indian Start-ups with more than $4 billion. up to 2/3 Indian Start-ups are funded by Chinese Companies.

The main question raised is Why Startup IndiaDigital India, did not fund these companies, why India’s Government remains silent?

## Solution Maybe:

China undoubtedly wants to dominate the entire world, It makes a few countries as it’s an economic colony. 

  • We have to decrease the Chinese imports but slowly, by making the alternatives within India. 
  • We have to raise the question of why Startup IndiaMake in India all are just for their name only? The answer will direct some of the international companies and Indian Startups to India.
  • In the Ease of doing business category, India holds 63rd Rank and where China ranked 31st in all over the world. Not only China we have to learn from the growing companies how they are doing great?
  • After the US and China, India is known for its huge Defence Budget, but we are still importing the Defence equipment from the other countries whereas china learned how to do that.
  • We have to think with our own ethicsnot to copy China but to be a better alternative than China.
  • In the lockdown situation, 1000 companies are reported that they were leaving China, and from them, it is known that only 300 companies are coming to India, and the rest of all goes to VietnamThailandIndonesia.
  • If we see then there are a lot of more things like our Art & Culture which can help us to earn from China.


After knowing and learning these things I understand that we have to be the competitor, to earn that experience which can help us to be a Manufacture Center. We have to be an example for other countries to learn from us. Don’t spread hate to anyone, because unity is the key to growth.

Thanks for Reading. AnotherWhy will again write about anotherwhy.

— by Indranil Bhuin

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