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Why Cicada 3301 is still a mystery in 2020?

This blog is entirely about the Cicada 3301 mystery and all of its puzzles with the proof of every solved step:

This is one of the hardest puzzles created on the Internet. 

1st Puzzle:

On January 5th, 2012 The first Cicada 3301 puzzle was posted on the Internet. There is a website called 4chan, where people used to post images, in short, it is a social media site where one day an Anonymous user posted a message something like this:

Cicada 3301 1st Message

After opening this message in Notepad the actual image looks like a hidden message with a cipher or scripted text in the bottom.

Cicada 3301 1st Message doceded

After decrypting the actual cipher message a link is found which is followed as :

Which gives the decoders an image for the next clue. From that image also nothing is understood at first with the naked eye.

Cicada 3301 1st message clue 2

From this Image, the decoders found that “OUT GUESS”, It is a Steganography application which is used to keep any text or file hidden in any image. 

Cicada 3301 image decoded

So after clicking the link a Reddit page appeared and on that page, 128 posts with gibberish titles were found with no meanings. From those posts, only 2 posts have an image each. 

Cicada 3301 book decode 5

after decoding the images a secret warning is found. As it was started being famous at that time, so duplicity found in these images so they were started making digital signatures attached with every clue, by which one can verify the originality of the clues.

Cicada 3301 clue 6

After that, an individual found that the Reddit page has some secret MAYA numerals which act as a decryption key, and then all the post titles have their actual meaning. And after combining the texts it looks like a page of this book. 

And then after applying those previously found codes ( 1:20, 2:3, 3:5 …) as a 

” line : character no ” it makes a meaning full sentence 

Cicada 3301 7 th clue

After calling in this number this is found by an individual. This is the audio I found on the Internet – 

Cicada 3301 phone call

The first number is already known, It was 3301, and the other two are the dimensions of the first real message which is 503*509. After multiplying these three numbers they found 3301*503*509 = 845145127. According to the telephonic message, the next website is ( * The websites are only available for some time frame ).

After Clicking in that link an individual found one image of a cicada and a timer at the bottom. Someone OUT GUESS the image and found a chart of different locations that were scattered in the whole world. These are the coordinates of the locations – 

Cicada 3301 coordinates

In all the locations there was a poster with a QR code found. 

Cicada 3301 Posters

After scanning all the QR codes there is one common message with the security key. The first part was a poem and the next part was several numbers of book codes

Cicada 3301 10th clue

This poem referred to a book and the book is “Agrippa (a book of the dead)”

Cicada 3301 second book

and after decoding the book codes they found one dark web ( .onion ) link which refers to a temporary site. From the Puzzle solvers, who opened the website first, they are finally “SELECTED” by that mysterious group or the particular individual,  and the website was shut down soon with a message ” We want the best, not the followers “. 

Cicada confirms with some other images within that month, that they have found the individual intelligent peoples for now. This is the confirmation. 

Cicada 3301 confirmation message

2nd Puzzle:

After exactly one year on 5th January 2013, Cicada again uploaded one image and the next search begins again with this message

Cicada 3301 second message

So again at first OUT GUESSING the actual image the decoders found one poem and book codes like this – 

Cicada 3301 2nd puzzle outguess

 The poem led us to this book:

Cicada 3301 book no 3

and the book codes referred to this link 

cicada link

And after going to this link a file automatically downloaded at that time. And the file was a music file ” The Instar Emergence ” you can hear it here – 

Miraç Uygun · OK. Cicada 3301 Song- The Instar Emergence (761)

Some individuals analyze the image closely and made one image titled –“Gematria Primus”. Out Guessing the image again it led to a hidden message which is this –

Cicada 3301 Gematria Primus

Now here is a twist with a blank space, Don’t worry there are people who solved this also, The vacant space was made with “TAB” & “SPACE”, Puzzle solvers decoded that space to some binary numbers and from that they found one link again which redirected to a website and same as the previous there were 8 locations around the globe.

cicada 2nd puzzle locations

Which again direct us to some posters and QR codes which gave them a final website link, And again the who Came to the website at first he or she was rewarded, means had an identity on that mysterious team.

3rd Puzzle ( Still Unsolved ):

Now the 3rd Puzzle. On January 6th, 2014 again guess what? An Image:

Cicada 3301 3rd puzzle

Again same process OUT GUESSING the image then a secret message with a poem and book codes 

Cicada 3301 3rd puzzle outguess

And yes there is a dark web link. But this time there is a deep mystery. The dark web link redirects to 5 more dark web links which lead to different pages written in Rule language, there are a total of 74 pages which referred to the book “LIBER PRIMUS”. 

The Rule language to another language is so tough and the converted text is also cryptic, that’s why after 6 years also there is only 58 pages are still unsolved. And this is the last puzzle.

Why Cicada needs Highly Intelligent peoples:

Cicada confirms with a cryptic tweet that Until the Liber Primus is solved it will not release the next puzzle. 

Marcus Wanner, who was selected by Cicada leaked some information about this group. He said that there were about 20 peoples selected, And a forum Dark Web, where all the Cicada Members are asked to join, and then they are asked to work on a security system which is lead by one cicada member.


Who is Cicada, a person or a group, what was its mystery, no one knows till now, What will be the new mystery when this was solved? no one knows. 

Okay then decode this image you will find something useful and comment below:

clue 1: there is an image. And if you read this blog rest you know.

Please comment down below whosoever solved this.

Thanks for reading.

– by Indranil Bhuin

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