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Why Elon Musk is known as Iron man | #31 in Forbes List

Elon Musk, who is working to revolutionize transportation both on Earth and in space.

Elon Musk is not your average human being. Elon musk companiesZip2PayPalTeslaSpaceX: just a few of the forward-thinking companies he’s been behind.

This is our 3rd “why” that it is for why Elon Musk is iron man.

Elon Musk, now I am not bothering you to say that he is a brilliant engineer, entrepreneur, That Musk founded PayPalTesla MotorsSpaceX, no I will definitely not bother you again, with his stories behind his companies like –

When he was 10, he bought a computer, and after turning 12 he developed a game worth 500 USD. Later he went to Stanford University for his degree ( though a degree is not a matter for him ). So he dropped out after 2 days to invest his time into ZIP2, which he further sold to AltaVista for around 341 million dollars in cash and some stocks, then with that money musk founded X.com, which became PayPal.com ( World’s first online payment system ), then after a couple of deals with E Bay and others, He founded a company SpaceX in 2002. And in his thought about space technology :

“An asteroid or a supervolcano could destroy us, and we face risks the dinosaurs never saw: An engineered virus, inadvertent creation of a micro black hole, catastrophic global warming or some as-yet-unknown technology could spell the end of us. Humankind evolved over millions of years, but in the last sixty years, atomic weaponry created the potential to extinguish ourselves. Sooner or later, we must expand life beyond this green and blue ball—or go extinct.”

And then Musk founded Tesla Motors, to make futuristic belief in automobile engineering, and then solar city and etc etc.

And I think this is enough you and the marvel fans make a hypothetical belief that he is a real-life iron man, if not then okay take a look down here :

Tony Stark context:

When tony stark was out of the prison and back to his home office he continued to make improvements on that suit, with more features, advancements. while stark didn’t have to do so, he could have just went back to his work but he continued with his suit to becoming our favorite Iron Man.

Elon Musk Context:

At the age of 31, when the Paypal was sold to eBay for 165 million dollars, he could have easily retired or maybe in his dream destinations with his family and just enjoy his life but he won’t, he invested every dollar from his profit to make SpaceX, Tesla Motors, SolarCity. as APJ Abdul Kalam said –

“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping. It is something that does not let you sleep”. 

Elon Musk really proves that with his works. 

# Tony Stark built an army of Iron Man suits | Musk built an army of new technologies

# Stark invented the Arc-Reactor | Musk Revealed his Hyperloop

Elon Musk, I think is one step further from the fictional one in the movie. Because Elon Musk realizes that colonizing Mars may be the only way for humans to exist in the future. And between electric cars which will slow down the deterioration of our ozone layer or SolarCity which aims to make Solar energy the number one energy source.

The director Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. were developing the character when RDJ suggested that they meet Elon Musk, as he was the closest to what came to the comic book millionaire-inventor. Favreau said –

“Elon Musk makes no sense — and that’s the reason I know him. When I was trying to bring the character of genius billionaire Tony Stark to the big screen in Iron Man, I had no idea how to make him seem real. Robert Downey Jr. said, ‘We need to sit down with Elon Musk.”

After meeting him, RDJ and Favreau decided to borrow some of Elon Musk’s characteristics into the portrayal of Tony Stark on screen. And even not only that Elon was actually in the Iron Man 2 movie.

Elon musk biography is someone that one should read to understand what will power is. Elon musk age is 48 years ( as on 5th May 2020 ), so age never be a matter to anyone who wants to do big in their life. Elon Musk’s net worth is 3,730 crore USD ( as of 5th May 2020 ), he is now in the 33rd position in Forbes list and 20th in the world richest persons in the world. I think this all is enough reasons to prove that Elon Musk is a real-life Tony Stark aka Iron Man. 
Another WHY is WHY. I think your curiosity is removed a little bit and wait, be curious because that’s why we shall cut another why tomorrow. 

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