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Why our brain creates realities & not showing the actual reality?

We all know that the human brain is the most important part of our body. It only weighs 3 pounds and one of the fattest organs in our body. The brain is capable of surviving for 5 to 6 minutes only if it doesn’t get oxygen after which it dies. Today we will see how our brain creates realities.

Research says 

The brain is unable to filter and remove old memories which prevent it from absorbing new ideas.

## Why actually our brain does this:

# The involvement of our Senses:

If we see in our daily life or everyday activities, the main organs to understand the reality is our 5 sense organs. Are they not enough to feel the reality? Are they not enough to make you conscious, aware of the reality. 

Till now, we human beings are the only animal who knows how to react with reality with every consequence, situation, we have that capability of moral thinking and behaving like a conscious and take decisions with our own intelligence.

# Is the human brain is perfect?

As we all know no one or nothing is perfect in the world. So the human brain has also some flaws. On average, our brain is a 15cm Organ which is secured in a 17cm skull.

Our brain has not the capability to hearseeunderstand our senses all by own. It only interprets the electrical signal which is captured by our sense organs. Our nervous system is a very efficient circuit that processes 18 billion million operations per second. As I already told you this is a circuit, so it is not a perfect circuit, there are leaks in nerve joints, in synapses, and also there is a lot of noise (a disturbance in signal) all over the circuit. 

# Is the sense organs are all perfect?

Of course no, Our eyes have the main flaw. We actually see the reflection of the objects, which means a 2D reflection and our human eye isn’t able to collect the exact 3D information

And our brain just works as a huge interpretation machine, which just analyzes the 2D data and processes it with previous experiences and a huge understanding. as an example, It is a 2D image – 

optical illusion

But our brain can interpret it as a 3D cube because our brain guesses its best possibility of this image, and give us an understanding. 

So the reality what we see, it is not important that it is the actual reality, it must be a mixture of your previous experiencesnew understandings, etc. The brain uses its past experienceknowledgebeliefs to differentiate between the illusions.

## So What is the reality:

The earth is revolving around the sun, there is a God who protects us, A dead cannot talk, etc,. All is just our beliefs, some are facts that are proven, but we are unknown to the 99.99999999% of things present in the cosmos. Now you can say Why Indranil are you so precise about the numbers, okay I will say then you say me how much we know.

When we try to see something, that means the light ray activates our photoreceptors, present in our retina, which converts a biological signal and sends them to the brain. But why the neurons and the synapses are activated? They all work together to make a look-alike reality in a short ~ real-time image.

According to Neurologists, we reconstruct our reality, which means we are making our reality. The Perfect reality doesn’t exist, all our brain does is make a visualization, and interpretation of that reality, on the basics of our past experiences, knowledge, and beliefs.

## Conclusion:

This is the reason, not only psychiatric patients, or terrorists, we all everyone creating our own realities, not to fear because all we know is based on our reality. That is why a bad past experience haunts us because our mind only interprets that situation whenever it repeats. it is scary but as usual, you have a positive heart there in your body.

In short as an emotional being this is a suggestion, Not always take decisions with your brain, hear to your heart ( how to hear to your heart, you better know from me ), Believe me, that helps, It is not important to be practical or logical all the time, because there is no practical you are seeing all you just create.

At the end Hear to Your Heart, and thank’s for reading.

Question asked by: Indranil Bhuin

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