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Why you should never visit Dark Web?

Why you should never visit Dark Web? Why this topic is so hyped? Is it really bad to visit the dark web? Are they are all dark web myths?

Brief about The Dark web:

Remember readers if there is a good thing in the universethere is also a bad thing to maintain balance. Because 

“Whatever happened, happened for the good. Whatever is happening, is happening for the good. Whatever will happen, will also happen for the good.” – from Bhagvad Gita.

So dear readers there is something bad also on the web, which we are surfing, doing our daily works. The web we see is only a part of the entire web. to give you an understanding see this –

Dark Web, Deep Web, Surface Web

Surface web:

The surface web is a part of the internet, where all the things happen what we used to see, like watching your favorite web series, surfing the web, online purchasing, doing your work from home, surfing social media, Basically the web we can easily access with google and by other search engines. And this is only (4-10)% of the entire web. In a rough estimate, the reports tell us that there are 2.2 billion active sites available on google.

Deep web:

This is a part of the internet, that is not visible in our search engines but yes, you can access it by some specialized browsers, like onion browser or Tor browser. Some banking sites, some highly secured information, and many more things that are not for everyone are available on this deep web. 

Not every site is illegal here, this is completely legal to visit the sites in the deep web but if you are authorized to or if your countries law & order allows these things. Here all the data available in a secure format and are kept hidden from normal people, for some security reasons. Here some public records, like emailsour passwords, bank transactionsmedical recordsfinancial recordsscientific researchesgovernment reports, are stored.

Dark web:

This is a part of the deep web, where the IP address, the accessible information is intentionally kept hidden to the search engines. Yes, these dark web websites are not available in your google, bing, or in Microsoft edge, to access these websites you have to browse the Tor browser.

tor browser, dark web

(By The Tor Project, Inc. – BY 3.0 usLink)

Here all the websites domains are ended with “.onion”. While our normal website’s domains are ended with “.com”, “.in”, “.org” etc. 

Now Why you should never visit these sites (Dark Web reality) :

These Tor sites or dark web links (.onion) are fully anonymous because they all are passed through many VPNs (a VPN is to hide your IP and allow you to browse anonymously), which is hard to backtrack these IP addresses. Bad human beings are using this security in a bad way. The dark web reality is very dark.

How tor works

(By Electronic Frontier Foundation, minor modifications by me. – BY 3.0Link)

  • You are familiar with Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc. We use these websites to buy different things which are legal but in the Tor browser, TerroristsDrug Smugglersillegal animal parts dealersfake currency dealersfake passport dealersCredit card hackers, can buy all the illegal things. Dark Web Hacking, cybercrime, black market everything is available in this Dark web. ( all types of buyers and sellers are there in the dark web to do cyber crimes.)
  • You are advised not to visit these sites because you never know while surfing the tor browser, where you reached, you might be hacked, your personal information may be exposed, you may be tracked anything can happen. And Reports can assure you that Law Enforcement Agencies are also faced with difficulties to track these ( here are some reports from The Indian ExpressThe Economic TimesWIRED, etc. )

So If Tor, Dark web is this much wrong, then who made it? and why not this is legally banned?

To find the answer we have to go in the past. In 2002 United States Navy Research Laboratories found that their connection is not totally private. And to update their security system they developed one software which is named as “The Onion Router” ( The significance of this “onion” name is that onion have different layers and all are curved, same in this browser the data travels in a curve way within lots of phases, so that’s why user tracking is very much difficult. )

Firstly these browser is used only for military intelligence and communication, but when this browser is used for secret communication between China, Iran, etc, the software is started leaking and soon it was made public and accessed by all the bad and good persons around the world ( mostly bad ). This became a source of cybercrime.

The Tor browser is the only way to access the dark web. Some good people like technically advanced peoples have used this browser to keep the secret scientific researchestechnical advancements, safe from the bad ones, to stay anonymous.

*For good things, if there is an urgency to use tor browser here is a tip

Maximizing Tor Browser can allow websites to determine your monitor size, which can be used to track you. It is recommend that you leave Tor Browser windows in their original default size.

This is not legally banned because of its good side, to stay anonymous from the bad ones.


In my opinion please don’t visit the dark web, all the positive and good things are available on the surface web itself. why attracting negativity? Just keep the knowledge of these things doesn’t try practically. 

Be safe, to protect your social networks, to be safe in browser see this blog ( 10 Best Security tips to make your device safe from the bad ones, Why we need to be safe online? ).

I think you found the reasons, Why you should never visit the Dark Web? Another Why is WHY. Thanks for reading.

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